Another Blue Pen — National Security “Double Tank”

I have a thing for blue pens — particularly, lapis blue.


However, these lapis color pens don’t appear too easily and often commands a premium. That is especially true with brands like Waterman, Conklin, Pelikan, and Montblanc. Any old vintage pens in top condition of the names above can cost a pretty penny.


“DOUBLE TANK” by the U.K. brand National Security was one of those lapis colored pen that I scored recently.


This particular pen has an interesting filling system, it doesn’t have a button or a lever on the barrel like other pens of its era. But rather, has a threaded opening one-third in from the end of the barrel. From there, you can fill the ink by squeezing the sac with your fingers.


This pen came with a warranted 14K nib, nothing special but does get the job done.

Truth be told, the color on this pen is simply stunning! Many shades of blue complimented by sparkling areas of gold, just wonderful! Now, how exactly can we revive these lapis color celluloid? I can only dream.


— 小許 (把逋)


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