Pelikan 500 Solid Black — Not Striated, Mind You~

This was one 400/500 that got below my pen radar.


Better late than never; better a set than none. Since there was no single pen to be found, sure, buy a set. These days who knows how long one will have to wait for the next decent thing to show up. Right?


I am not a black pen person per se, but this solid black 500 — the more I look at it the more I enjoy it. The shiny black barrel with gold plated furnishings, the clear green ink window — simply wonderful! And pen is in outstanding condition, so no complaints.


The pen is fitted with an earlier Pelikan F nib; and you know how that goes, no problems whatsoever! FYI: that’s not scratches on the nib, merely condensation.


— 小許 (把逋)


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